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Il Progetto Cuore
Epidemiologia e prevenzione delle malattie cerebro e cardiovascolari


A new survey of the CUORE Project on the Italian adult population
The Health Examination Survey 2018-2019, a new survey of the Progetto Cuore on the Italian adult population, has been launched. The objective is to describe, 20 years after the first survey (Oec 1998-2002), and 10 years after the second one (Oec/Hes 2008-2012), risk factors, life styles and prevalence of conditions at risk, and to evaluate their temporal trend and geographical gradient. For more information, consult the dedicated page

The project “BRIDGE Health” - Bridging Information and Data Generation for Evidence-based health Policy and Research - ended on 30 October 2017
The Reports "Platform for population based registries - Manual of operations", "Data quality" and “Guidelines for training personnel involved in population based registries” prepared by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità are available in the section BRIDGE Health. The main goal of the Bridge-Health project continues to be carried out in the framework of the European Joint Action 'Information for Action' (InfAct), aimed to build a sustainable solid infrastructure on the EU health information through the availability of comparable, robust and policy- relevant health status data and health system performance information.

Worldwide trends in blood pressure from 1975 to 2015
In the past four decades, the number of people with high blood pressure has nearly doubled, reaching 1.13 billion in 2015. This is what emerges from the largest study of its kind led by the Non Communicable Disease Risk Factor Collaboration, consisting of hundreds of scientists around the world, who have measured blood pressure in about 20 million people aged 18 years and older. Also the Cuore project have participated in the study with its cohort studies conducted since the eighties. The research, published in the journal The Lancet, shows that, between 1975 and 2015, blood pressure dropped sharply in high-income countries, whereas increased in several low and middle-income countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia. Blood pressure decrease appears to be linked to overall better health, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, and to early and better management of hypertension. For more information, read the article “Worldwide trends in blood pressure from 1975 to 2015: a pooled analysis of 1479 population-based measurement studies with 19·1 million participants” (pdf 4,6 Mb)

EuroMed Programme

The Project on the surveillance of cardiovascular diseases

To implement a population-based register of the Acute Myocardial Infarction in Mediterranean Countries by using standardized procedures recommended by Eurociss.


The aim of the Eurociss (European Cardiovascular Indicators Surveillance Set) project is to select indicators to monitor cardiovascular diseases and issue recommendations for the assessment of their distribution and impact in Europe. Read the description of the project and download the updated and downloadable version of the report 2007.

This website 

Cardiovascular disease is the most important cause of mortality, morbidity and disability in the Italian population. The pages of this website contain the results of the Progetto Cuore: they include the cardiovascular risk charts and the individual score, two useful tools to assess the likelihood that a person has to experience a major cardiovascular event (myocardial infarction, stroke) over the next ten years knowing the value of his/her risk factors. On the web site are also available data on the distribution of risk factors and on the prevalence of cardiovascular disease collected by the Osservatorio Epidemiologico Cardiovascolare/Health Examination Surveys (OEC/HES) (1998-2002 and 2008-2012), which provide an overview in different population groups (general, elderly, menopausal women).


The project BRIDGE Health has been launched by EU in 2015 with the aim of creating European health information (EU-HI) and data generation networks covering major EU health policy areas. The goal was to work towards a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable EU-HI supporting evidence-based health policy and research for the EU and Member States by providing blueprints and/or concepts of building blocks for a future EU-HI research infrastructure consortium (ERIC-HI).The project lasted 30 months and involved 16 EU countries. The project consisted of 12 work packages (WP) and in 7 horizontal activities (HA).The leadership of WP 8 and of HA 5 was assigned to ISS. To support the activities of the European project BRIDGE Health at national level, the Italian Ministry of Health (Center for Disease Control, CCM) has also launched the CCM-BRIDGE project. The project was led and coordinated by the National Institute of Health. For more information visit the dedicated section and the official site of BRIDGE Health. A dedicated web community is available for the members of the two projects.


European Health Examination Survey

Logo EhesTo collect data on the health of European adult population to plan a Europe-wide survey: this is the main objective of the EHES. The collected data will be used to evaluate national and European actions of health prevention.

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